Clanfield Pre-School

Starting pre-school can seem a big leap. At Clanfield, we offer an exciting, nurturing and professional environment for your little ones first steps into school.  With excellent Outdoor Learning and our highly experienced staff, we are confident that your child will enjoy every minute of their time here, just as we do! 

Main Street, Clanfield. Oxon. OX18 2SP
 Tel: 01367 810365
​Text/Out of Hours: 07826 839173

COVID - 19

We are currently closed due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.  Please rest assured we are contactable by all preschool families needing advice or support.

Please stay safe everyone!

See you soon!
We believe that children learn best when they are happy and confident. Our ethos is based upon this theory. Nestled in the beautiful village of Clanfield, in rural West Oxfordshire, our community-led pre-school delivers the highest care and has the huge benefit of being sited on the main primary school campus. This means that pre-schoolers get the opportunity to see the reception class 
and school actvities daily which really helps the transition into school. Our main focus is on supporting childrens personal development
​and preparing them for school by enabling them to become strong, happy and confident individuals.
Outdoor Learning
Outdoor Learning is not only a wonderful experience for the children at preschool, but it is immensely beneficial to their learning and their wellbeing.  We are very proud of our  Outdoor Learning at Clanfield as it is on a private estate in the village, within walking distance of our pre-school. Please see our Outdoor Learning section for further details.
Clanfield Pre-School Staff

Caring, trained staff of professionals.

All our staff are highly trained professionals, and unlike many preschools we are lucky that most are parents themselves so they have a huge wealth of experience across all areas of childcare and development. 
​Check out our bio's for more details on our amazing team.
  1. Preschool
    We are a community led pre-school which means we are managed by a committee of parents with a huge vested interest in the effective and efficient running of the setting.
  2. Interactive Games
    Each morning we set out a number of activities that help learning and development in different areas and the children get to rotate around the tables throughout their day.
  3. Quality Equipment
    We encourage our children to have outdoor play as much as possible, weather depending. We focus much of our fundraising on providing the best outdoor and indoor play equipment.
  4. Lunchtime
    Pack lunches are provided from home and we encourage parents to make them as healthy and 'bite sized' as possible. Children respond well to our lunch routines and develop their independence and social skills.
Community Led Pre-School

Our Pre-School is a community based registered charity run by a committee of parents, ensuring a huge vested interest in our success. Although we are situated within the grounds of Clanfield Primary School, we are an independent pre-school with our own entrance and facilities including indoor and outdoor play areas.